NZ Airshow industry showcased in Malta

European Airshows Association Convention

NZ Airshow industry showcased in Malta

A presentation on the New Zealand Airshow industry has been well received by delegates at the recent annual convention of the European Airshows Association in Malta.

The presentation was given by Jeanette Lusty who is Team Leader, Flight Operations for The Special Flight Operations & Recreational Aviation Unit with the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Part of Jeanette’s brief is working with airshows in this country. Jeanette was representing both NZ CAA and the New Zealand Airshows Association in Malta.

Jeanette spoke with many of the delegates after her presentation. Many were aware of, and had attended, airshows such as Warbirds Over Wanaka while others were interested to know there was such a thriving airshow industry in New Zealand.

Jeanette says after her presentation including the video there was a queue of delegates wanting to talk about how New Zealand does what it does. CAA specially put together the video for the convention. See the video here…….

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