WOW's New Trustee

WOW's New Trustee

A former top lawyer with strong family ties to the Battle of Britain has joined the Warbirds Over Wanaka Community Trust board.

David Mackenzie was a partner in one of New Zealand’s largest law firms, Buddle Findlay, until he stepped down in 2004 moving to Wanaka with his wife Jean. One of the specialist areas in which he operated was aviation.

Warbirds Over Wanaka Community Trust Chairman John Gilks is delighted to have David join the board. David’s extensive legal and aviation background means he is going to be a great asset complimenting what I believe is a very strong board.

Since leaving Buddle Findlay David has held a number of governance roles including nine years on the board of Christchurch International Airport Limited. David will step down as CIAL Chairman later this year.

On a personal note David is a qualified pilot while his father, John Mackenzie, flew Spitfires in World War II. Mackenzie senior left New Zealand in the mid-1930s heading to Britain to join the RAF. During the Battle of Britain John Mackenzie, who was the grandson of NZ Prime Minister Sir Thomas Mackenzie, is credited with shooting down five enemy aircraft and damaging a sixth. He later shot down another two Bf 109s.

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