2020 Airshow

"Congratulations on running a great show.  I am a seasoned airshow attendee and am pleased to say that this is in the top one or two shows I have ever attended.   Thanks for putting it all together - the mix of aircraft was spot on from the F-16 (mind blowing!) to the Dunkirk scenario and even the bush planes.  

I am extremely grateful to the organisers, owners, pilots, ground crews and volunteers that put the show together.  I had such a good time I cannot believe it was legal.  Thanks again, see you next time!"

Campbell 2018

WOW 2020 has been cancelled - read more


Warbirds Over Wanaka is operated by a charitable Community Trust.

Our Vision is to ‘Aspire to be the best Warbirds’ Airshow in the World.’


Our Mission: ‘To educate through the celebration and promotion of aviation past and present.’

2022 will be the 17th Airshow of this iconic internationally-renowned Airshow. 







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