Flying Programme

All days are open to the general public and car parking is free.

Friday 30th March – Practice Day

No airshow scheduled this day.

Gates open at 7.30am –Warbird, civil and military aircraft conduct practice displays in preparation for the following Airshow days. 

Practice times are 1000-1200 and 1300 - 1500.

Check out the amazing ground exhibits while Warbirds practice overhead. Visit the aircraft for sale, static aircraft displays, aviation trade stands, market stalls, WOWMart and then sample some of the great food and beverages on offer.

Lake Event

On Friday attention moves to the Wanaka lakefront. Join the Wanaka community for our free lakeside Airshow at 4.30pm - 5pm.  Two helicopter displays with the RNZAF and the Hiller. A 'moose' act, the RNZAF Hercules, the Warhorse 25 pounders and more...... The mighty Catalina Flying Boat will also thrill with its Lake landings.

The commentary for this Lake Event will be broadcast on the radio - frequency 91.4 - so you can tune in to follow the display as you watch! (if you are not on the lake near the speakers)


Saturday 31st March and Sunday 1st April

The flying programme for both days may vary in content and sequence and will be subject to aircraft serviceability.  It will run continuously from 1000 until 1600.

In the air you will see some of the world’s most iconic Warbird aircraft plus more modern military machines, aerobatics, skydiving, sport aircraft and so much more. The aerial action is backed by world-class pyrotechnics while the military re-enactor group and Frankie Singers entertain on the ground alternating with the Wanaka Ukelele Orchestra.

Gates open at 7.30am with static aircraft displays, aviation trade stands, market stalls, Packard cars, Warhorses, merchandise and food and beverage vendors operational.



Morning Programme                1000 - 1250

1000    Show Opening
1005    The Dancing de Havillands
1015    Sport Aircraft Display
1025    Civil Helicopter Display
1040    Harvard Display Team - Formation Aerobatics
1055    Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) NH 90 Display
1105    RNZAF Parachute Display Team - Kiwi Blue
1115    RNZAF C130 Hercules & B757 Joint Display
1130    Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Display Hawk 127 High performance jet trainer
1135    French of New Caledonia - CASA display
1145    RNZAF Seasprite Display
1155    Yak 52 Team Formation Aerobatic Display
1210    Jurgis Kairys - Juka Aerobatics
1225    United States Air Force C-17 Globemaster Display
1235    The Black Falcons - RNZAF Aerobatic Team

Lunchtime Entertainment    1250 - 1345

1250    Skydive and a surprise!
1300    Glider Display
1305    Frazer Briggs - Model Aircraft
1310    Packard Car parade on runway and Classic Aircraft of the 30's Flypast
1325    Warhorse Display - Military Re-enactment.

Afternoon Programme   1345 - 1600

1345    The Fighting Falcon - USAF F-16
1355    Trojan and Bird Dog - SE Asia conflict
1405    ME 109, Anson and Spitfire - Dogfight over Dunkirk
1405    Four Fighters, Four Combatant nations - Spitfire, Yak 3, Messerschmitt 109 and P51-D in a tailchase
1435    The Bremont Spitfire Tribute (ME109 on Sunday)
1440    P40, Avenger, Catalina & DC 3 displays
1445    Yak 3 pairs display
1505    P-51D Mustang solo
1510    Marsh Harvard Salute
1520    Jet Formation Aerobatics - Vampires and L-39

The Grand Finale

1540    The Airfield is defended by the fighters from an attack by enemy aircraft
1555    Massed Fighter Flypast
1600    Airshow ends.

Check out our aircraft page.


"Haven't been for a few years but once again another amazing show. Brilliant weather, beautiful aircraft and the commentators were fantastic."  Anna, 2016