Frequently Asked Questions

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These FAQs will be updated for our 2024 Airshow as the programme is finalised


Is there any accommodation available still in Wanaka?
Warbirds Over Wanaka does not provide accommodation but Lake Wanaka Tourism will assist with available accommodation. Please visit www.lakewanaka.co.nz or email hello@wanaka.co.nz  Most years there has been accommodation available in Wanaka right up until the Airshow. The Wanaka i-Site will check out accommodation in Queenstown, Cromwell or Alexandra for you. 

Air Display

What time will the air display run from?
10.00am – 4.00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

What is happening in the Air Display?
See official programme or HERE for details.

What happens on Friday, the practice day?
All stalls and Static displays are open to the public. No official flying programme, practice sessions only for the air display team. Practise times are:

10.00 am – 12.00 noon and 1.00pm – 3.00pm


Bars and Alcohol

There is one bar at the Airshow, beside the Hurricane Tim marquee, on the flightline. The bar will open at 10.00am until 5.00pm.

There will be Craft Beer and local wines available at a number of Brewery stands both in the central Food Court area and in the Silver Pass area.

May I take my alcohol to the public viewing area?
No – all alcohol must be bought and consumed within the area marked out around the bar.


What campsites are there in Wanaka?

Can I camp in my campervan in the car park?

Camping is NOT allowed on the airfield or in the car parks.

Where can I camp near the Airshow?

Terrace Area above the Airport for NZCMA Campervans: If you become or are members of the NZ Motorhome and Caravan Assn you may park on the terrace overlooking the airshow – you must be self-contained and you must stay there for the 3 days of the airshow (shuttles from the Airport can take you to/from Wanaka).  This area has now reached capacity and is sold out. Check out the other camping options in and around Wanaka. 

Car Parking & Vehicles

Where is the Titanium and Gold Pass parking?
Titanium and Gold pass parking is located in Car Park B (Gate 5) and Car Park C accessed through Gate 2.

I am an exhibitor, where should I park my trailer/car?
Exhibitors are allowed to park one car and trailer in the Crossfire Car park. They are not allowed to park them inside the Airshow. You must show your pass.

Can I stay in my car and watch the Airshow from the car park?
No. Please inform Security if you see this happening. Exceptions are made in the Disabled Car Park where people need to be close to their car for medical reasons.

Can I bring my vehicle into the Airshow grounds?
No.  No exceptions. 

How much does parking cost?
Parking around the Airshow is free. You may only use Airshow parking if you are going to the Airshow.

May I leave my dog in my car?
No. No dogs are allowed in the car parks or at the Airport.

Is the ground in the car parks OK for campervans parking during the day?
The car parks are paddocks, however we do our best to fill in rabbit holes and large bumps or potholes. We have used these paddocks previously and not experienced any problems. As per our Terms and Conditions of ticket sales you do park at your own risk.

Children’s Area

Where is the children’s area?
It is located by the Sky Dive hangar at the South end of the Airshow. See the site map HERE.

What facilities are available for babies and mothers?
The Plunket tent is available for mothers and babies with a nappy changing area and breastfeeding chairs, open between 9am and 4:30pm.

What is in the Children’s area?
We are planning on having fun and interactive attractions for children of all ages, check back here soon.

What crèche facilities are available?
If you require babysitting services within the Wanaka area you may try Lake Wanaka Babysitting or Project Nanny


Who are the commentators?
Jim Hickey, Grant Stewart and Craig 'Ferg' Ferguson.


Complaints and Feedback

I have a complaint or feedback, who should I talk to?
Please go to the Warbirds Over Wanaka Event office and request to fill in a feedback / complaint form and leave it at the office to be actioned.

Disabled Assistance

Where is the disabled car parking?
Disabled car parking is located in Car Park A. It is accessed through Gate 4. You MUST have a mobility sticker, please place it on your car to assist security.

How do I register for Disabled assistance?
If you require assistance, please fill in the form here. A map and further details of what is available will be sent to you closer to the event.

Is there any transport assistance from the Gate to the stands?
Yes, disabled transport is provided with golf buggies that will run continuously on 15 – 20 minute loops from Car Park A and Car Park C to the Titanium, Gold and Silver Stands. Disabled transport is available on request through the Warbirds Over Wanaka office for the Veterans Tent, the Shuttle Bus stop and the main gate.  Stopping points will be specified on the site map.

Can I hire a wheelchair or scooter?
Yes, Wheelchairs and Scooters and potentially other mobility equipment are available for hire.

Wheelchairs and Scooters and potentially other mobility equipment are available for hire through More Mobility Ltd.  They will be taking bookings in advance and may also have limited equipment available at the event.

To discuss your specific needs and make a booking, please contact:

More Mobility Ltd
0800 666 222 within New Zealand

I am elderly, find it difficult to walk long distances but am not classified disabled, where can I park?

As per above - please register using the form.

I have difficulty climbing stairs – are there stairs on the grandstand?
Yes, there are approximately 8 steps to the first row of seating. We will rope off the first two rows of steps for people who can tackle only a few stairs. Limited seating on the grass will also be available at the fence line within the Gold and Silver Pass areas for those who cannot tackle stairs. Volunteers will be available to assist.

Once seated in the grandstand, how do I get a coffee or snack?
If the Volunteers on hand have time they will assist you. Please catch their attention and they may go and buy a coffee / snack for you.

Disabled Viewing Area
A viewing area for wheelchairs is a roped off area in the Gold and Silver Pass area.

Where are the disabled toilets situated?
There are disabled toilets situated in the Titanium area, Gold Pass area, outside the Silver Pass area, by the main Food stall area and in the Children’s area. There is also a disabled toilet in the Warbirds and Wheels attraction should you be entering or using the Café.


What entertainment is on during the day?
Watch our website for entertainment as it is announced and buy a printed programme, available at the gates or merchandise marquees.


What time do gates open/close?
Gates open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7.30 am and close at approximately 5.00pm.

What am I allowed to bring in?

  • Deck chairs

  • Rugs

  • Water Bottles

  • Baby’s foods

What am I not allowed to bring in?

  • UAVs or Drones (it is illegal to fly drones with 5 kms of any Airport)

  • Alcohol

  • Dogs

  • Chilly Bins

Once I have entered the Airshow, can I go out and come in again?
Pass outs are allowed, please ensure you get a stamp on your hand (from the gate staff) which will allow you back in.

What passes are accepted on the gates?
Paper tickets, self printed tickets, lanyard swing tickets and tickets on cell phones.

Gold Pass Area

I am a Gold Pass holder, where do I go?
The Gold Pass marquee is located in the central area of the Airshow. See the map marked Gold. When you arrive, make your way there, you will be greeted by the Gold Pass team of Volunteers. Please then make your way to the Gold Pass grandstand and find a seat. Seating is not allocated. If you have difficulty finding a seat, please inform the volunteer team who will assist you.

Where can I get my pack and lanyard?
The Gold pass ticket holders can exchange their Gold paper ticket for their pack and lanyard upon entering the Gold Pass marquee. One per person, you will be ticked off the list.

What is included in my pack?

  • Jute eco Warbirds branded bag

  • Welcome Letter

  • Badge

  • Cap

  • Programme

  • Gold lanyard and ticket

  • Wanaka promotional booklet

Is there food available in the Gold Pass marquee?

Yes, food is available at an additional cost.

What other Gold Pass privileges are available?

  • Free tea, coffee and water

  • Flightline visit on Saturday or Sunday morning from 9am to 9.30am.

I am not happy about something, where can I provide feedback / lodge a complaint?
Talk to your Gold Pass host inside the Gold Pass marquee or any of our team who will either solve it then or give you a feedback form or take a note of your complaint and let the Warbirds Over Wanaka Event office know.

Health & Safety and First Aid

All of the Warbirds Over Wanaka team, our contractors and exhibitors operate under the 'Health & Safety at Work Act 2015' and we have a designated H&S operator on site at all times to oversee and manage this area.

We kindly ask for your support on this matter to ensure we continue to operate a safe and enjoyable event for all parties. Please report any issues, incidents or accidents witnessed to a member of the crew or management team immediately at the Airshow. The event office is located in the portacom at the main entrance gate, marked '1' on our site map.

St John's can be found at four locations at the Airshow and are on site for the entire weekend to respond to any medical issues. Please familiarise yourself with these locations on arrival at the Airshow on the large maps provided at each gateway or on the back of your Warbirds Official printed programme.

The main Evacuation muster locations are Car Park A and the Crossfire car park across from the main entrance gate.

Safety logo 2018 smaller3

Hurricane Tim Marquee

This hospitality option is situated on the flightline, offering guests a great spot to watch all the action. Hurricane Tim tickets are limited to a maximum of 350 on each of the Saturday and Sunday. You will enjoy comfortable seating options right in the thick of the action. Each ticket includes entry to the Airshow, all day tea, coffee and water, lunch from the BBQ Grill plus morning and afternoon tea along with access to a cash bar.

Local Attractions

What happened to the Fighter Pilots Museum?

It closed in 2010 and many of the artifacts were returned to their owners. Some items were sent to the RNZAF Museum at Wigram in Christchurch.

Can I access the Toy and Transport museum from the Airshow?
No, there is no direct access from the Airshow to the Toy and Transport Museum, however it is open for business.

Lost Children and Property

Where do I take / find lost children?
All children should be escorted to the Children’s area and the facilitator on duty there should be notified (check at Plunket tent if you can't find the facilitator). They will inform the Warbirds Event Office of the name and approximate age of the child so they can advise the commentators.

Where is lost property?
Any found items should be taken to the Warbirds Over Wanaka Event office near the main gate. Lost property queries should be directed to the Warbirds Event office.


I am accredited media, where do I go?
Please go to the Media Centre where you will be provided with your briefing and personalised pass. There is a media platform located next to the Gold Stand for accredited media only. Park in the Crossfire car park by showing your media pass.


Where can I buy Warbirds Over Wanaka merchandise?
Official merchandise is on sale from two merchandise outlets at the Airshow. They are located by the Silver Pass stand and the Gold Pass stand.



Can I get cash out at the Airshow?

No, there will be no ATM machines at the airshow, so we encourage you to bring plenty of cash.  Not all stalls will accept Eftpos. Cash and Eftpos are accepted at the gates and in the merchandise stalls.


Can I take photos or video footage?
Yes, for private use only. Any commercial footage required needs to be negotiated with Warbirds Management prior to the Airshow. We have our own DVD camera team and official photographers and no others are entitled to take photos or film for commercial use. Media need to apply for a Media Pass HERE.   Please see our Terms and Conditions on the website.


Is there an opportunity to meet and greet any pilots?
Titanium and Gold Pass holders will have the opportunity to meet and greet pilots when they walk the flightline. Otherwise go to the DVD/Autograph marquee beside the main merchandise marquee and they will advise when pilots will be present.  Also go to the RD Petroleum Aircraft Display area and chat to any pilot over the fence, who might be available, beside their aircraft.

Private Aircraft

I am arriving in a private aircraft/helicopter, where can I drop off / park / buy tickets?
Private aircraft can drop off individuals at the Private Aircraft Parking area which is beyond Car Park A (see Map) on Airshow days. Please refer to full information here.

I am arriving in a private jet, where can I drop off / park / buy tickets?
Tarmac parking is available for jets however you must notify us on info@warbirdsoverwanaka.co.nz or Dave Lumsden on +64 21 768 763 prior, to ensure we have room.

Private jets must arrive before 9.30am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They can leave after 4.00pm on Friday, and 4.30 – 5.00pm on Saturday and Sunday.


Official airshow programmes are available at each gate for $10.00 or at the merchandise marquees.

Prohibited Items

  • No UAVs or Drones (drones are prohibited by law within 5 kms of any Airport).

  • No Chilly bins.

  • No Alcohol.

  • No dogs.


Where is the RNZAF display?
Their display is located at the East end of the Airshow (see site map).

Shuttle Buses & Transfers

Please refer to our Directions and Transport Page for updated information.

Silver Pass Area

Is the Silver Pass stand covered?
No, so please remember your sun hats, sun block and jackets for all weather.

I am a Silver Pass holder, what should I expect when I arrive?
When you arrive, make your way to the Silver Pass area. You will be greeted by the Silver Pass team of Volunteers who will request to see your ticket, once your ticket has been sighted please make your way into the Silver Pass grandstand and find a seat. Seating is not allocated. If you have difficulty finding a seat, please inform the volunteer team who will assist you. You can swap your 3 day paper ticket for a 3 day plastic ticket and lanyard at the Silver Pass stand.  Pass out stamps are available for those purchasing a one day pass.

Sir Tim Wallis

Where can I find Sir Tim Wallis?
Sir Tim Wallis is the founder and Patron of Warbirds Over Wanaka. He still continues to work from Alpine Group based here at Wanaka Airport. Sir Tim will be at the Airshow and will be visiting the Veteran’s marquee at various times of the day.

Static Displays

What and where are the Static displays at the Airshow?
See our Airshow programme page.  Also see aircraft in the RD Petroleum Aircraft park.

Who can I ask about the displays?
All displays will have Facilitators nearby so please feel free to ask them any questions. If they don’t know the answer they will try and find out for you.

Can I get access to the flight display line?
Not unless you have an airside pass. Titanium and Gold pass holders can gain access as part of their package between 9.00 – 9.30am on Sat and Sun morning.

Taxiway Walkway

The taxiway walkway gate will open at 10am and will be opened and closed throughout the day, depending on aircraft movements, until 3.30pm. The taxiway gateway provides direct access from the Silver Pass stand area to the rest of the Airshow. Aircraft will need to move in and out of the tarmac parking hence the monitored gateway to prevent people and planes from mixing in the wrong way! Please be patient! If you do not want to wait for the taxiway gate you can walk around the back of the tarmac and hangars to access the rest of the Airshow.

Terms & Conditions

On purchasing a ticket you will be deemed to have read the purchase Terms and Conditions on HERE 


Can I buy tickets at the Gate?
Limited General Admission Tickets will be available for purchase at the gate at an increased price from online tickets. Titanium, Gold and Silver passes should be pre-purchased as they are limited in number. There may be some Silver one day tickets available at the gate on Friday and Sunday, however there are no guarantees.


How do I pre-purchase tickets?
Tickets can be bought by calling 0800 842 538 or international visitors 0064 4 by going through our website https://www.warbirdsoverwanaka.com

If you are standing in a queue you can book tickets online via your mobile phone and they will be emailed to you. Go directly to the gate once you have received them and they will scan your barcode and let you in. Tickets may also be purchased from the i-Site in Wanaka township.

What tickets will be available at the gate?
Limited General Admission Tickets will be available at an additional cost to online tickets. Additional service fees are included in the gate sale ticket price. See the Tickets page. Some Silver one day passes may be available but on a first come first serve basis.

Can I upgrade my ticket from a General Admission to a Silver?
Yes, depending on whether the Silver tickets are available, upgrades can take place on the day of the Airshow only.

How much are tickets?

Two prices – Online or Gate Sales, refer to out Tickets section

Under 5 goes free (child must sit on adult's knee in Silver and Gold stand unless a seat is purchased)

Up to 16 years pay child price on General Admission tickets only.

All children (0-16 years) are FREE on Friday 29th March 2024

Are tickets transferable and / or refundable?
No, tickets cannot be transferred to different days and are not refundable.

I can no longer attend the Airshow, can I give my ticket to someone else?
Yes, we will not check names against the tickets upon entry.

I have a 3 day pass and/or a paper ticket (Gold, Silver or GA), where can I exchange it for my lanyard?

  • Gold tickets can be exchanged for a Gold lanyard at the Gold marquee.

  • Silver 3 day tickets can be exchanged for a Silver lanyard at the Silver Pass marquee.

  • GA tickets 3 days can be exchanged for a lanyard at the Warbirds Event office opposite the main airport gate.

What is the best day to come?
Saturday is our busiest day however the Sunday programme is exactly the same as Saturday and it is often easier to move around and see exhibits.

Titanium Pass

I am a Titanium Pass holder, where do I go?
As our exclusive pass holders you have the ultimate in luxury at the Airshow. You are in a marquee situated directly in front of the runway with an outside seating area. Go to the marquee beside the taxiway, near the end of the Gold Pass stand.

Where can I get my pack and lanyard?
At the Titanium marquee entrance.

What is included in my pack?

  • Jute eco Warbirds branded bag

  • Welcome letter

  • Titanium cap and Airshow badge, Airshow programme as a collector's souvenir.

  • Merchandise order form (in printed programme)

  • Titanium lanyard and plastic ticket

  • Wanaka promotional booklet

What other Titanium Pass privileges are available?

  • Continental breakfast from 7.30am, morning and afternoon teas, lunch, great wines and beer from 9am to 4pm.

  • Flightline visit on Saturday morning from 9am to 9.30am.

  • Your wait staff will assist you at your table throughout the Airshow.

  • This area has its own facilities with Wi-Fi and closed circuit television to watch the Airshow whilst partaking in local specialties.

  • In addition Titanium Pass holders will have the opportunity to mingle with pilots in your marquee and get autographs.

  • If travelling on your own you will also have Priority parking and will be transported to the Titanium Pass enclosure if required. If you require a buggy to go somewhere at the Airshow please ask your hostess.


Where are the toilets?
There are plenty of clean toilets located around the Airshow, see the site map.

Tour Groups

I am part of a tour bus group, where can I find my bus?
Buses are parked near Gate 3.

Trade Stands

What time will the stands be open?
Market Stalls, Food Stalls and Aviation Trade stands will be open from 8.00am until 4.00pm. The Wine stalls will be open from 10.00am to 4pm.

Where can I find the Trade Stands?
Aviation Trade stands and Market Stalls are located in and around the flightline. Please see the programme or your list of exhibitors for exact locations. Food and Wine Stalls are near the center of the airfield and in the Silver Pass area, also some at the Main gate. RNZAF stalls are located in the RNZAF area.

Veteran's Marquee

I would like to register as a veteran, what do I do?
Please call or email the Warbirds office (info@warbirdsoverwanaka.co.nz) and provide us with your name, email, the type of tickets you have and any additional veteran details (involvement in forces, forces number etc.)  Veterans from all Wars are eligible to attend.

We have a special opportunity for Veterans over 90 (or close to!) - the chance for a complimentary flight in a Tiger Moth with Peter from NZ Flying Adventures. All flights are subject to weather. Flights can be arranged for after the Airshow on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all day Monday. Contact Peter Hendriks 0272209279 or info@nzflyingadventures.com 

Where is the Veteran’s marquee?
The veterans marquee in located near the Gold Pass area, marked with #4 on the map.

The Veteran’s marquee has been provided for Veterans and their family to pop into during the Airshow. Complimentary tea and coffee is available with chairs and tables together with access to a public grandstand. It is a place to meet other veterans and catch up. Sir Tim Wallis will be visiting the Veterans' marquee at various times of the day during the Airshow. A visitor’s book will also be available for you to sign. Media may also visit to chat with you about your war experiences.

Who will be hosting the Veteran’s marquee?
The volunteer host is to be confirmed.

I am disabled / elderly and would like to go to the Veteran’s marquee, how do I get there and back?
Please request a volunteer to call disabled transport for you and they will take you over.

VIP / Hospitality Area

I am trying to find the VIP tent, where is it and when does it open?
The VIP tents are located next to the Gold pass area and open at 9.00am and close at 4.00pm.

Where should I park as a VIP?
VIPs can park in the Crossfire car park which is accessed from Mt. Barker Road.

I have a friend that I would like to take into the VIP area, is this possible?
This is only possible if it has been approved by, Ed Taylor (General Manager), Andrena Davis (Event Manager) or one of the Warbirds Trustees. Their name must be added to the list by one of these individuals.

Is it possible to get another VIP pass?
See above.

Can I bring my children to the VIP tent?
No, children are not allowed, this is a special day out for the adults.


Where can I refill my water bottle?

We have 3 water stations around the Airshow (refer to map) where you can refill your bottles. We encourage you to bring your own bottle to cut down on plastic waste.


What happens if it rains?
The Airshow will continue if possible. There may be delays. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. If it is a total wash out, a decision re refunds will be made depending on the circumstances and in accordance with NZ Law.

Where can I buy....

I want to buy some earmuffs for my children, where can I get them?
These will be available from the Mitre 10 marquee.

I want to buy food and drink, where do I go?
Go to the food area marked on the map. See list of food stall vendors for the options available.

Where can I find folding chairs?
At the Mitre 10 marquee.

Where can I find sunscreen?
This will be available in the Titanium, Gold and Silver Pass areas and the information area in the merchandise tents. The Mitre 10 marquee will also be selling sunscreen.