Aircraft for WOW 2018

Aircraft will be announced as they are confirmed.  Please keep coming back to this page for announcements.


Negotiations continue with various aircraft owners both in New Zealand and overseas to bring you the very best line up of classic and Air Force aircraft possible.

Crowd favourites the Spitfire, Corsair, P40 Kittyhawk, P51-D Mustang and Catalina are all expected to be on the flightline along with some other very special aircraft. Sport aircraft will again delight the crowd showing off their unique handling abilities.

Air Forces from around the region are expected with the RNZAF’s new Black Falcons putting on a full aerobatic display for the first time at Wanaka. Aircraft invited include fighter jets, military transport and military helicopters.

Armee de L'Aire (French Air Force)

The CASA CN-235-300 aircraft is a medium-range twin-turbo prop aircraft.  Its main military roles are troop transport, maritime patrol and surveillance work.  This CASA is based at Tontouta in New Caledonia.


Gavin Conroy 36CASA in air4 

Glider Act ASH25

Warbirds Over Wanaka organisers have announced one of the most popular displays from the 2012 airshow will be returning as part of the line-up for the 30th anniversary airshow.

Wellington-based glider pilot, Doug Hamilton, will be reprising his stunning display set to classical music. Doug flies an ASH25 which has one of the biggest wing spans of any glider in the world.

Doug’s performance in 2012 took the crowd by surprise, the performance, coupled with the soaring music mesmerised many in the crowd and Doug was given a huge ovation at the completion of the act when he brought the glider to a stop with the wing tip resting in the hand of a child on the runway.

Doug Hamilton has been flying gliders for more than 30 years. He enjoys performing at airshows which he says calls on all his skills as a pilot. Doug has numerous achievements in gliding including a non-stop 1000 km flight and has spent time gliding in the USA and Argentina.

Gavin Conroy 20 Glider 2014 






"Five stars is not enough, again a brilliant show. Warbird enthusiasts would appreciate the significance of the Buchon & it's presence, and the amount of work & logistics involved in getting the bird to Wanaka. We also attended the lake front on Friday afternoon, it was great. Well done. Congratulations on a great success yet again. Makes it more than worth travelling from Australia for the show."  Luke, Australia